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Triumph Service Bulletins    1967
  Flat Rate Labor Price Guide to All Dealers
  Replacement Parts Catalog #5 for 1967 B Range Twins
  66-67 B Range Twins - Loose Pivot Bolt at Swinging Arm Bearing
  Ignition Troubles with Models that have Lucas Coils
  Important Service Information on T20/M Tiger Cub Models
  Gear Ratio Chart for Triumph B Range Twins with Unit Construction Engines
  Racing Valve Spring Kit for Tiger Cub Models
  Revised Internal Connections and Test Procedures - 47197 Stator
  Wet Sumping On A - B - and C Range Triumphs
  Exhaust Tappet Lubrication System for 650cc Twins
  6 and 12 Volt Battery and Ignition Testing
  Gearbox Mainshaft and Swinging Armbolts threads - B and C Range Motorcycles
  Tachometer Drive Thimble Replacement
  Fork Bushings In late Model Twins
  Unified Thread Changeover
  CD474 Engine Locking Tool
  Gear Ratio Chart for Triumph C Range Unit Construction Twins
  AC Ignition and AC Lighting Systems
  Roller Bearings Fitted to the Crankshaft Drive Side - B Range 650cc Engines
  Strobe Light Timing
Triumph Service Bulletins

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