Keyword Search instructions


If searching for a
Triumph T120 gas tank, you would start by entering in the "I'm Looking For" box:

tank gas T120

This search would return a long list of all the gas tanks where the description contains
the words "tank gas T120". But the list also contains many other types of tanks.

To refine the search, enter in the "But not including" box:

TR5 TR6 6T T100

This search would return a list of only tanks that contain "tank gas T120" in the description.

When searching for items, please note that:

Triumph is abbreviated tri

Norton is abbreviated nor

Other long words might be abbreviated so you might want to try various combinations, i.e. carburetor
is abbreviated carb

After you have performed the search, and your search has returned numerous records, to prevent
your having to retype what you are searching for, use your "Back" button on your web browser.

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