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The following step-by-step instructions explain how to set your Web browser to accept cookies. If you are unsure about which browser you are using, click on Help then About from within the program.

The browser you use and the way it is set up can affect the way you view this Web site. This Web site makes use of a technology called "cookies" to keep track of your viewing, and shopping choices.

Cookies are simple, text-only strings of information stored on your computer while you are visiting a Web site. A Web site cookie is harmless and CANNOT be used as a virus. Cookies cannot be used to access any type of data on your computer. Cookies cannot retrieve any other personal data about you unless you voluntarily submit it to the server (for example, by filling out and submitting an HTML form).

British Only has strict security standards. We do NOT share personal information about you or your account with other parties unless required to do so by law.

Most shopping sites require cookies to be supported by your Web browser. If you have cookies disabled on your computer, you must enable the cookies temporarily in order to make your purchase. After completing your transaction, you can disable the browser cookies again if you like. You may also wish to use third party applications that help analyze or remove cookies from your computer. You can obtain more information on applications that perform these functions and browser cookies from computing Web sites like ZDNet or CNet.com.

If you are unsure about which browser you are using or have questions about the use of cookies on this Web site, please feel free to email us at support@britishonly.com.

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