TRIUMPH PART NUMBERS: In 1973 Triumph introduced a numerical part numbering system which superseded the old alphanumeric system. For these earlier models the following information will help you to find the new number in our price list. Prefix letters have been converted to numeric prefixes, as shown in the table below:




      DXXXX 60-XXXX D4250 to 60-4250
      EXXXX (4-digits) 70-XXXX E4576 to 70-4576
      EXXXXX (5-digits) 71-XXXX E12599 to 71-2599
      FXXXX (4-digits) 82-XXXX F9356 to 82-9356
      FXXXXX (5-digits) 83-XXXX F13245 to 83-3245
      HXXXX 97-XXXX H2091 to 97-2091
      SXXXX 21-XXXX S413 to 21-0413
      TXXXX 57-XXXX T1435 to 57-1435
      WXXXX 37-XXXX W354 to 37-0354
 NORTON PART NUMBERS: The pre-Commando part number system can be tricky and it may be best to use the alphabetical section of the price list. Most Commando parts begin with either 06-XXXX or 04-XXXX & are then followed by a further 4 digits, e.g. 06-3371.
 BSA PART NUMBERS: From the mid sixties onwards, BSA adopted a standard numbering sequence which follows the pattern of 2 digits, a dash, then followed by a further 4 digits, e.g. 71-2790. Prior to this, BSA used two other part number formats. The early system used less than six digits and requires zero's to added. The later system then preceded the original number with additional codes. With these numbers only the last six digits are used.