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British Only Motorcycles and Parts Inc.
Mission Statement

Times have changed since the old British motorcycle industry produced the bikes, we have all grown to love, in production numbers that amounted to anything.

Times have also changed in the parts business. Spares once made mostly in England are now manufactured worldwide. In one way, this is good. But in another way, it has created problems that we intend to address.

British Only is the leader not a follower; with this, we are implementing a new quality control program. We will not deal with, or sell, sub standard products manufactured by any company, anywhere, who falsely represents the quality or the country of origin of the parts they bring to market. There has been blatant abuse of these two issues by a handful of suppliers in the last few years. It is time for this industry to clean up its act. The solution is simple, if you can make the part, make it right. To help rectify this problem, we have purchased a production facility and manufacture our own high quality parts in house.

British Only is the leader not a follower. Starting back in January 2000, we implemented a mandatory OEM part number requirement on all orders and quotes. This was a dramatic move that was given a tremendous amount of thought. We cannot be professional in our spares service if our customers are not professional in the pursuit of their own hobby or business. The use of original part numbers is a must! Think about it, nobody likes to get the wrong part, returns are time consuming and expensive for all involved, creating a "lose - lose" situation. Our goal is for you to get the right part the first time which is a "win - win" situation.

British Only is the leader not a follower. We are the premiere parts supplier in the business. Our inventory is second to none in the British parts industry. British Only is massive. We operate from a total of 45,000 square feet containing over four miles of shelving of Triumph, BSA and Norton parts. We own the largest New Old Stock inventory, the largest reproduction parts inventory, the largest used parts inventory, the largest British motorcycle inventory and the largest memorabilia collection in the world. All in all this totals over $25 million and puts us in a position to provide quality, variety and price to our customers.

Lastly, British Only is the leader in the use of the internet to promote the British motorcycle business. Our web site www.britishonly.com, along with our auction site www.gearheadauction.com, will forever change how British parts are bought and sold. We have made a serious investment in software, hardware and a digital phone system. We have installed three T-1 data lines for high-speed data transmission, and we host our internet sites in house which enables us to retain complete control. Now having said all this, purchase your parts from British Only and be prepared for the best parts service in the world!


Ken Grzesiak
British Only Motorcycles and Parts Inc.

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British Only Motorcycles And Parts, Inc.
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Garden City, Michigan 48135 USA

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British Only Motorcycles And Parts, Inc.
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Phone: 734-421-0303
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